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Melasma (sometimes call pregnancy mask) is a very common skin condition that can affect any woman but is more prominent in darker skin types. It can come and go due to many internal and external factors but most woman agree the brown patchy pigmentation is undesirable.There are no other symptoms other than the darken spots but nevertheless some women look for an effective solution. At Detail Smoother Skin, the latest laser systems PicoWay is the only true solution to manage melasma because the laser produces next to no heat due to it operating at the picosecond speed.

PicoWay Melasma treatment

What is Melasma?

Melasma (sometimes call pregnancy mask) is often caused by hormonal changes mainly during pregnancy and shows up as darken pigments on either side of the face. Hormonal changes can even occur due to contraceptives or hormonal replacement therapy. The hormone estrogen and progesterone stimulates the melanocytes to produce melanin in the epidermal layer when exposed to the sun.

Some people are genetically prone to the condition. Stress and other underlying medical conditions like thyroid disease can contribute to melasma. Woman with darker skin types that live in a region with intense sun are more at risk. Melasma does not present any other symptoms except the increased pigmentation.

PicoWay- The Leading Technology To Manage Melasma

Treating the increased pigmentation is not the difficult part of the condition. Most lasers can fragment the melanin. The issue is commonly laser treatments will stimulate additional formation of pigment because of the heat. The PicoWay is the latest generation Picosecond laser and the most appropriate treatment for Melasma because of the way the laser is generated with very little heat. The unique picosecond speed of the laser creates photo-acoustic energy to clear the melasma. This means there is no heat to stimulate more melasma. This allows Detail Smoother Skin to be one of only a handful of clinics that can truly say we have a real melasma solution.

5 Key Advantages of PicoWay


  • Shortest picosecond pulses – 40%-50% shorter pulses than other Picosecond Laser Systems means highly effective treatments with photo-acoustic effect and low risk of side-effects like tissue damage
  • Highest peak power – energy shatters pigment into minuscule fragments achieving fast clearance
  • Dual wavelengths – 2 highly effective wavelengths (1064 nm & 532 nm) in one picosecond system to treat all skin types
  • Less pain than other lasers

Free Melasma Management Consultation

The best way is to have your skin condition assessed is by a qualified clinician. At Detail Smoother Skin we offer a consultation where we can give you personalised information for you. From this, you will know how many treatments are needed, a written quote with cost and specific information you will need to follow before, during and after your treatment.

PicoWay- Frequently Asked Questions


How Laser Melasma Treatment Works

Medical grade lasers remove skin pigmentation by delivering specific wavelengths of laser light into the skin in very short bursts of picosecond pulses of energy, creating a shockwave that fragments the pigment and allows the body’s immune system to attack and eliminate the dispersed pigment. The body’s immune system removes the fragmented pigment. The number of treatments required depends on the individual, be normally resolves in 3 to 4 treatments. The melasma condition may come back therefore the PicoWay treatment is a management solution. The clinicians at Detail Smoother Skin are responsible for explaining this process thoroughly during the free consultation. Each expertly trained and accredited clinician will assess your skin type and adjust the laser to provide the optimum setting to deliver the results you expect with minimum discomfort.

What is the downtime after a treatment?

The time between treatments at should be every 4 weeks.

How much does laser skin pigmentation removal treatments cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on many factors including size of the melasma pigmentation area. To get a guide on price, please see the cost for melasma removal Sydney, alternatively you can book a free melasma treatment consultation to get personalised treatment information for melasma.

What is the next step?

If you already have an appointment booked at Detail Smoother Skin, you can easily add a free melasma treatment consultation to your booking. If you have never been to Detail Smoother Skin Clinic, you can either give us a call on 02 9231 5999 or click on one of the buttons below to make an enquiry or book a free consultation online now.