Non Surgical Liposuction & Body Sculpting With Non Invasive Velashape III

You work out at the gym and eat well, but it’s hard to move those stubborn areas of excess fat particularly on the thighs, buttocks, stomach and flanks. You have considered liposuction but you’re not keen on surgery or the price of having it done. You may even have thought about Coolsculpting but not keen on the severe bruising or the risk of “ledging” where the destroyed fat section is rippled with sections with left over fat. Detail Smoother Skin Clinic offer clinically proven non surgical liposuction (also known as body sculpting) treatment for a non invasive way of reducing your circumference by up to 3cm (getting rid of the areas of excess fat) that is pain free with no downtime – you can have a Velashape III treatment done in your lunchtime.
  • Hard to shift problem areas
  • Post- baby body
  • Body contouring
Velashape 3 non invasive liposuction

Something you didn’t know about Fat


Each of us has a layer of fat covering the majority of our body. This fat is there for a number of reasons; it gives your body shape, can provide protection from trauma and is also an energy source. There are two kinds of fat in our bodies:

  • Visceral fat can be found in the peritoneal cavity in between the organs
  • Subcutaneous fat is found just under the skin

It is this visceral fat that can be reduced by a healthy diet and regular exercise, while the subcutaneous fat is harder to eliminate and is often called exercise and diet resistant fat.

Consumer guide to Non Surgical Liposuction Sydney


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VelaShape III – Technology Tackling Stubborn Fat


  • Deep non invasive heating of the connective tissue triggers fat metabolism. Once the fat cells are broken down, the freed triglycerides (fat) are safely cleared from the local area, processed by the body’s natural physiological and metabolic pathways, and transported to the liver to be used as energy
  • RF energy causes thickening of the dermis resulting in a reduction in skin laxity and fat cell volume. This tightens the skin around the treatment area
  • Deep heat and mechanical tissue manipulation by vacuum and massage rollers stimulate collagen production and lymphatic drainage thereby further decreasing volume
  • Negative intake of fat during the first days following treatment is recommended to limit redistribution of fat