Velashape III

Velashape III by Syneron Candela is the third generation in RF technology to reduce cellulite and fat. Velashape uses 4 different mechanism of actions

  1. Bi-polar RF (radio frequency): RF energy penetrates deeply into the dermal layer to heat the tissue. This creates heat of up to 65 degrees thereby causing the wound healing process
  2. IR (Infra-Red): IR provides superficial heating improving depth of RF penetration
  3. Mechanical Tissue Manipulation: The strong massaging effect assists in improving circulation of the blood and lymphatic system
  4. Pulsed Vacuum: The vacuum pulls the tissue into the device to apply the deep heat to the targeted areas and further assist circulation

Velashape is FDA approved to reduce the signs of cellulite and to reduce fat circumference around the body by 3cm.